BTTRUE, 2022

Collective Work by 
︎︎︎Delphine Lejeune, ︎︎︎Kurina Sohn & Clara Schweers
currently on view at The Invisibles @Museum of Applied Arts and Design in Vilnius, LT

Aluminum, PLA, Glass
450 x 450 x 620 mm


Inspired by the three-tier metal casted table from the repository of the Lithuanian National Museum of Arts as its reference, the reimagined side table is composed of three-layered gardens reminiscent of one of Lithuania’s national herbs, the rue.

Visually picking its flowers from its leaves, the authors reassemble the rue into a mixture of three materialities: aluminium shapes, glass interpretations of 3D-sculpted petals, and cushions. The object further explores the rue herb touching upon the meanings it carries. The smelly, a little bitter and still sweet-scented plant species bear medical knowledge and protection: the opposing characteristics of the plant are in line with the suggestive stories behind the furniture in the Museum’s repository.