Frozen Thistle, 2021

Collective Work by 
︎︎︎Delphine Lejeune, ︎︎︎Kurina Sohn & Clara Schweers
Made during the 10-day residency ︎︎︎Genius Loci in Bremm, Germany.

PLA, Glass


On July 22nd, during the residency “Genius Loci”, Lisa found a wild teasel in a stone quarry.

She brought it back to the house, where she placed it inside a white porcelain mug on a table in the backyard of the house we were staying in. A thorn covered stem from which three flowers were blossoming in synchrony.
In a way the residency synchronized us as well. One could say the teasel formed our trio, planning to pull us in, without us even noticing. Because while Kurina and Delphine were aiming to bear the teasel in a digital format, bringing it back to our reality as 3D-printed leaves and flowers, Clara was following the same path, just through another material. That is glass. The floral creature is the first, in what we realized, an ongoing series of projects as a trio.