Grass Render, 2023

A collaboration between Emilija Povilanskaitė and Clara Schweers.
On View during The Alligator and the Bird at Kelderman en van Noort.

Krypton gas, Argon gas, Glass, pure grass, foliage, grapefruit, lavender, cedar-wood, musks, electrodes, transformer, PLA

Delving into light, scent, and form “Grass Render” combines Emilija’s complex exploration of technology and olfactory installations with Clara’s practice revolving around the liquid aesthetics of glass and digital storytelling. Their work is inspired by natural weavings of grass that reflect on complex glass shapes. Together they explored the magical capacities of plants, natural elements and electricity - grass, moss, woods, and gases - enraptured within scents and plasma light. Through the collision of materiality and intangibility, “Grass Render” follows the power of sensory narratives and explores human-plant relationships.