holographically speaking, 2022

Part of multimedia installation Into each other
Ceramics, Steel, PLA, Aluminium, Glass, HMA

Gijs Bakker Award Nominee
On view during Pools of Swallowed Grounds during Mayrit Bienal, Madrid, Spain.

Into Each Other, Press Kit


Focussing on digital parameters of CGI charachter Megan:

Megan can move her stock body according to the input she is pushed to follow. Her body responds to predetermined paths she willingly agrees to move along with, caught in feedback loops from where there is no escaping the order she was placed in and created for. Or so it seems. She is programmed to be female and so is the way she moves her body. Her motion library consists of gestures such as the “female kiss”, “being carried” or “looking over the shoulder”.
The female kiss became the focal gesture for this project. Not only as it has been subject to be controlled through cinematic history back then, but because it still acts a a moment of separation between what is supposed to be seen and what relies on sole imagination, today.
Instead of looking upwards, searching for an inexistent male body, Megans kiss was digitally examined and tested to an extend from where her body took shape as a new entity. As a result her body on screen distorts, puffs up and visually redefines the gesture of the kiss as a framing element for films screened #IRL.
Megan’s way of residing within the screen and distorting her body has created the basis for the projects physical presentation. Screens mounted in place.