Into each other, 2022

Part of multimedia installation Into each other, Gijs Bakker Award Nominee
Film, Narration, Motion Tracking, CGI

Sound by Vanessa Bosch/ ︎︎︎chao54ngel

Full Film


The female body has been mediated and controlled throughout cinematic history.

Which in turn has been internalised in the audience’s bodies, gestures and customs. With new advances in CGI, digital bodies are becoming more realistic and pervasive both in cinema and online, which in turn imprint a whole new range of gestures and customs on the audience’s bodies.
On closer inspection however, what is perceived as realistic is defined by digital constraints and proclivities that do not match the physical. Into Each Other is an auto-theoretical video and multimedia installation reflecting on the ideological infrastructures that post-produce (ala Hito Steyrl) the intertwining of our lives and screens.
Characters on screen may be bound to the surface of the liquid-crystal-display, but their behaviour and way of being showcased do not stay within the screen's dimension. The project "Into each other" narrates the life of CGI character Megan, caught within screens. She is programmed to be female and so is the way she moves her body. Her motion library consists of gestures such as the “female kiss”. A stock body, who begins to question the inherently opposing presumption of hers and the audience's body. Aiming to expose how her digitally augmented body is entwined in the viewers, who distort their overall corporeality by adopting her cinematic behaviours.