Deep dark dungeon, 2022


On view during Blow Shop X Reform, Cologne, Germany.


are you a holographic commercial succes? 

The shape was created through an intuitive process, using discared materials, such as empty water bottles and left over styrofoam. The deep black surface allows for the letters and symbols within the vessel to be visible. The piece’s production process took place within the glass facilities in Leerdam (NL).

Digit VA, 2022

Ceramics, Glass

On view during Group Show Multilogue-Digital at Mouches Volantes, Cologne, Germany.


Last summer I visited the Romano-Germanic Museum. I was especially astonished by the Cage Cup {Diatretglas}.

A glass object found buried alongside a body of a roman cemetery in Cologne. A burial good, inscribed with the message Drink, live well, forever. {Trinke, lebe schön, immerdar.}  It became a central point of inspiration for the presented object Digit V-a. Not only as a visual reference, but questioning its manufacturing process and context as well.
How did the diatrearii {the carvers} manufacture the Cage Cup in the first place? How did they construct the drinking vessel, revealing the net structure as a particular character to the object? A seemingly digitally manipulated object, setting a precedent for itself. Digit V-a is a physical manipulation, constructed through an assemblage of digiti {fingers}. They compose a fifth-digit net, posited as consuming mouths, expelling and reaching upwards, attracting and ensnaring prey.