Snow Piercer Mirror, 2022

Collective Work by
︎︎︎Delphine Lejeune, ︎︎︎Kurina Sohn & Clara Schweers
Presented during Group Show  ︎︎︎Multilogue Digital at Mouches Volantes.

Plexiglass, PLA, Glass


A mirror pierced by snowdrops/ perce-neige/ Schneeglöckchen/ 설강화:

The specimen {gála–ánthos} cracks ice to bear spring. Its milky flower blossoms in correspondence with snow-pierced-landscapes. A messenger for the end of hibernation mode, an indicator towards the change of seasons; through which we sense the rise of a new year.
In our mother tongues the name of the plant {snowdrop/ perce-neige/ Schneeglöckchen/ 설강화} alludes to different meanings, characteristics, and associations a spectator may have when spotting a group blooming under a tree. The snow–pierced–mirror is inspired by those different associations, each of us attaches to the species. Visually referencing bells, as their heads hang from the stem, or the way the plant grows, breaking layers of snow, and what ability it is connected to living in and flourishing through harsh temperatures. Strength/ force/ Stärke/ 힘.