Unearthed Sp 001-005, 2021

Collective Work by 
︎︎︎Delphine Lejeune, ︎︎︎Kurina Sohn & Clara Schweers
A collaboration with photographer ︎︎︎Tobias Feisst.

PLA, Glass


Through our back-end-screens staring back at our undivided attention, the controlled, the copied and the pasted, are revaluated, summoning us to extract what strikes most.

Images, doomed to take on a life of their own, nourish our constantly refreshed unearthed feeds. Captured, recorded and compressed into a new format, through which a series of five web-earthed-species came into existence {unearthed-SP.001-005}. Closley resembling familiar features of wildflowers, the species affinis {SP.} shares its specimen, its potential .jpg-offsprings across the span of our feeds.
Dispersing itself across the web, searching for new modes of survival and surfacing in a digital-earthed-age.  Indeed, as much as we ourselves as the image-consuming parameter are fed by its multi-body, the web-earthed-species is nurtured and sustained just as much. Reproducing soft-selections of 3D-printed stems and flowers in simbiosis with glass flame works, to be activated and snapped by the eye of the beholder, but never contained. Manipulated digital replicas of the physically undefined web-earthed-species live in and through the field of visibility. The very much living system of our time-based media through which we digitally soft-pick and plant images.