dear open mouth sleeping beauty, 2022

Part of multimedia installation Into each other
Ceramics, Steel, PLA, Aluminium, Glass, HMA

Gijs Bakker Award Nominee
On view during Pools of Swallowed Grounds during Mayrit Bienal, Madrid, Spain.

Into Each Other, Press Kit


Monitor arms are usually hidden behind the screens

upon which audiences watch visual material move through predetermined narratives and recurring tropes in film such as female charachters caught inside a television as an erotic object, displayed as a holographic commercial success, or mimicking motions of robotic behaviour to distort the viewers perception of wether they are watching a human being or a programmed and computer generated body.
Computer generated images of bodies are about to ace the way bodies appear and eventually move through reality. They are moving into an era in which audiences won’t be able to deciffer between digital or physical bodies. Those characters on screen may be bound to the surface of the liquid-crystal-display, but their behaviour and way of being showcased do not stay within the screen's dimension, but reach out to their audience.
As part of the multimedia installation Into each other, the object takes a central stand within the way female charachters in film behave in synchrony with machinic gestures, or even the screen as such itself. Neverthelss the robotic arm always faces the audience. Mounting them on its fragmented body where there is usually a screen facing them. Constructed from sculpted digitii the piece is surrounded by a cage like space, textured and composed from computer generated images and stock bodies.